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Liz Haksever made a city’s Convention Centre possible.

Liz Haksever had an original interest in architecture, and over time that grew into an affinity for building surveying, and she’s pursued that path with great success, now as an Associate Building Surveyor at Codus.


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What was hard when you started out?

Adapting to the fast pace while still learning on the job was a challenge.

What opportunities have you most valued?

The chance to build long lasting relationships and friendships with colleagues and clients alike. The kinds of projects we work on provide such a diverse range of growth opportunities and the size of the business creates more opportunity for career progression. Something that may not have been possible elsewhere.

What’s been unexpected about your career?

How rewarding building surveying is. As I arrived at the career via other interests, the great fit was a welcome surprise.

What’s the favourite project you ever worked on?

The Convention Centre because it was great to be part of such a large public building that the wider community can enjoy and it is something that I can be proud to show to others.

Why do you think your work matters?

We have such a critical role. A Building Surveyor can make or break a project. The right experience and skill set makes all the difference.

What other roles could you easily step into after your experience?

Building surveying is so versatile. You could be an inspector, consultant building surveyor, carry out permit issuing functions or do essential safety measures. You can also work for the government or other authorities or work directly as a consultant with builders or specialised associations. The list is endless. 

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