We’ve rebranded to become Codus.

PLP Building Surveyors and Consultants has grown
into a new name—and as Codus we’re building possibilities.

New name,
same expertise.


We’re so excited about our rebrand that our Director Socrates Capouleas has written an article about it, you can also read about the fundaments below.

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Hand Heart

Same service

Every aspect of our service remains unchanged—from policies to procedures to capability.

User Heart Rounded

Same experts

Every team member remains—from staff to owners to managers, plus talented new recruits.


Same projects

Every project carries through uninterrupted, from registrations, to permits, through to insurance.


New conversation

The new brand opens us up to share our conversations around building possibilities with the world.

Book Bookmark

New significance

Codus is inspired by the Latin codex for book, and reflects a shared passion for building regulation.

Users Group Two Rounded

New alignment

We’ve built a forward-facing professional culture for recruits, staff and clients, now reflected in our brand

You have a question?
Let’s answer them.

Why are you rebranding?

We’ve grown into the leading building surveying consultancy in Australia for complex projects—it was time for our name and brand to catchup.

Why Codus—what does it mean?

Codus is inspired by the latin codex for notebook, and later meaning of ‘systematic compilation of laws’—it references our shared passion for the legacy of building codes.

How is Codus pronounced?


Was PLP in financial trouble?

On the contrary, we’re going from strength to strength—we’re financially strong and our new brand better reflects that to the world.

Has ownership or management changed ?

No—we’re still operated and owned by the same team, and our internal processes and capabilities are unchanged.

Will there be an impact on me or my project?

No—PLP the legal entity continues to exist for all contracts, accounts, paperwork and permits. Future permits will be issued by Codus.

Will I or my team need to deal with different people?

Not at all—same expertise, same people—zero internal restructuring.

Are procedures and policies changing?

No—our proven methods stay in place to serve you.

Do we need to re-sign contractual agreements?

No—PLP will continue to operate as normal and the work on your existing projects will continue under that name.

Do we now need to amend every permit for my PLP projects?

No—if your project was set up under PLP, it will continue to receive permits under the PLP registration. Codus will have its own registration number that will apply to any new projects that start after 1 October.

What happens to the historical projects (i.e. approved 5 years ago in terms of insurance coverage)?

PLP is continuing, so past projects will still be covered by our insurance. Statutory cover continues.

For over 30 years we’ve honed our expertise working on some of the most complex projects in the country—it’s time we share that experience with the world.

Let’s talk about your building possibilities...

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