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Building Approval Services

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Building & Occupancy Approvals (statutory role)

We’re known for solving the hard stuff—you’ll get a compliance roadmap and expert guidance though the shifting legislative landscape

Consulting Building Surveying
(non statutory role)

We deliver compliance certainty—you’ll nail budget and compliance needs, and keep the creative freedom for innovative, iconic work

Performance Solutions
& Dispensations

We blaze trails in compliance—you’ll get design flexibility with budget certainty, and you’ll work creatively within the Building Code of Australia

Expert Witness

We’re experts in the courts—you’ll get impartial clarity on liability and settlement, backed by known experience in iconic, complex projects

Design Certification

We’re certification experts—you’ll proceed on projects with compliance certainty, with compliance statements issued on designs


We’re savvy applicants—you’ll apply for State Government dispensation and appeals backed by our experience, foresight and reputation

Essential Safety Measures

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Issue Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR)

We’re able to push through obstacles—you get pragmatic and sensible solutions, independent and clear reports, and minimised cost

Preparation of Essential Safety Measures Manuals

We’ve streamlined the manual preparation process—you get a clear, readable manuals and reduced contractor errors

Preparation of Maintenance Schedules

We physically visit and review documents—you meet statutory obligations through a clear rectification plan with priority rating

Maintenance Records Audit

We use a tried and tested methodology—you rest assured that building safety is in hand and that Australian Standards are met

Quarterly and Annual Site Audits

We visit quarterly and annually—you get certainty around site compliance and detailed information beyond standard ESM reporting

Full Function and Fire Witness Testing

We’re experts in the codes—you get simple, pragmatic solutions that comply, priority ratings, and avoid the risk of rushing contractors

Building Compliance Auditing

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Due Diligence & Compliance Assessments

We bring depth and independence—you get due diligence for high stakes situations, and the final word on current and future compliance liabilities

Fire Safety Audits

We’re experienced in code shortcomings—you get findings and recommendations presented in prioritised, easy-to-understand audit reports

Resolution of Building Orders/Notices

We’re commercially strategic—you get trusted partners to help solve complex problems with a realistic, front-foot approach

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