Joan lirner hospital


Michael Ho made a new children’s hospital possible.

When Michael Ho met a building surveyor on a building site where his dad was working, he caught the surveying bug and joined Codus as a graduate ready to make a difference. He’s now an Associate Building Surveyor.


I love the career growth potential at Codus.

What was hard when you started out?

I didn’t have any background in construction or building or the processes of working in an office and being a building surveyor. Getting into the process and working out what to focus on took some time.

What opportunities have you most valued?

Working on such large and complex buildings at Codus and dealing with the highest level of construction. This exposure has strengthened my understanding of the work and the construction industry in ways that smaller, domestic projects couldn’t have done. The chance to work with such great people and make great friends has also been a win.

What’s been unexpected about your career?

Getting to know Melbourne so well by being out at the different project sites. It gives me a different perspective, and in-depth knowledge of the city that I really enjoy.

What’s the favourite project you ever worked on?

Joan Kirner Women and Children’s’ Hospital—because it was the first large scale project I worked on. I joined the Codus team during the project, and had to push myself to expand my knowledge and meet the challenges of the project—it’s a complex, high rise hospital building with a lot of moving parts.

Why do you think your work matters?

We set Australia’s standard in buildings and we’re there to ensure quality and safe builds. We meet the expectations of our government and community and without that the buildings we inhabit would be unsafe. The advice we provide takes away the chance of negative outcomes and supports the development of safe, new and unique buildings that meet our expectations of safety.

What other roles could you easily step into after your experience?

There’s so much growth potential within Codus as you progress in your career—and it’s open to everyone that wants to take opportunities. Building Surveying is multi-faceted and you can go into technical interpretations, essential safety measures, teaching others and so much more.

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