Hammer Hall John


Rommany Ferries made a regional arts centre and hospital possible.

Rommany started with Codus in an administrative role, and developed an interest in building code up close. When Codus supported her to formally study, she took the leap, qualified, and became an Assistant Code Consultant.


Trust the process, and be open to everything that’s available.

What was hard when you started out?

Trying to get across all the codes and regulations and getting a handle on where to go for information. Having Glenn and other staff to mentor me as I learnt made it a lot smoother—that support is a real point of difference at Codus.

What opportunities have you most valued?

The opportunity to switch from admin to the technical side of Building Surveying. Being able to work with a wide range of Building Surveyors. Perhaps most of all the personal development programs offered in house have helped me grow.

What’s been unexpected about your career?

Just the amount of support from the whole team at Codus. The growth and development that’s available if you want it. I haven’t heard of any other companies offering the support I’ve enjoyed here at Codus.

What’s the favourite project you ever worked on?

Geelong Arts Centre and LaTrobe Regional hospital. They both pushed me to dig deeper and learn a lot. It’s been complex and challenging—but that’s exactly what’s great about it—it’s opened up new ways of thinking.

Why do you think your work matters?

If we look at the impact it has on the lives and safety of people and our community as a whole. We’re helping people achieve great things personally—and on a larger scale. You also get to help others in the industry get things right and improve safety across the board.

What other roles could you easily step into after your experience?

The experience you’ll gain will give you more confidence and competence for a government role or any high-intensity, fast-paced workplace. Your knowledge is applicable to a wide range of roles in the construction industry, so you can move across to other fields or grow into more senior Building Surveying roles.

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