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Sam Symeonidis made a commercial office & apartment complex possible.

A University assignment on the Building Act—while studying Bachelor of Law—exposed Sam to the industry, and he saw the career as a chance to combine his love of legislation with practical field work. He’s now an Associate Building Surveyor.


Codus has a great culture—with support to learn and grow.

What was hard when you started out?

There was a lot to learn and you have to know about such a range of things. There are so many phases to construction and understanding how that’s facilitated and applying it to the building surveying is a lot to take in.

What opportunities have you most valued?

The support the leadership team have given me to grow and take on more complex projects—they’ve really invested in me.

What’s been unexpected about your career?

The fun and social side of the industry with networking and our team events. I didn’t realise I’d get the chance to build such great relationships and enjoy great activities.

What’s the favourite project you ever worked on?

Richmond Quarter. It was very complex and challenging—comprising seven towers—so completing the work was a huge accomplishment. It really showed me the satisfaction of the team coming together to achieve something.

Why do you think your work matters?

It provides safe and efficient buildings for occupants to enjoy. We work on significant projects that change the landscape of our community and have a lasting impact.

What other roles could you easily step into after your experience?

Building Surveying has a huge relevance for the construction industry as a whole and acts as a bridge between construction and design so the future options are limitless.

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